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Mission Statement

mission_statement_side1Current Managing Director John Charlesworth has been immersed in the company ethos since he started work as a summer employee at the age of 13. He decided to broaden his experience and it was while serving for The Royal Engineers that he completed his electrical apprenticeship. He enjoyed a successful military career, being commissioned in 1980 and continued to serve worldwide until 1987.

In 1987 he left the army to rejoin the Family Company, and took over his current position in 1995. Since then he has expanded the company, adding his own style bringing with it much success. He has continued his affiliation with the armed services, rising to the rank of Colonel in the T.A and becoming the Chairman of the organisations set up to liaise between employers in the North West and the Reserve Forces.

As the company continues to move forward at the heart of all we do is John Charlesworth vision.

“The company’s aim is to strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by retaining the best of our traditions, coupled with our enthusiasm to embrace change”.

It is this that has kept us at the fore front of the industry, providing quality service to all our clients.