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At Eric Charlesworth we don’t just stop at installation we conduct design as well. With our design team we take pride clients needs and requirement too provide a lighting schemes best suited to you.

Lighting Methods

There are several methods to light switching. A simple conventional Light switch system to a more complex dimming lighting scheme. Working closely with manufacturers we can design a scheme to suit your needs selecting the correct product to create effects and to set a mood. Installations are completed using dimming technology that is complex technology and user friendly so it isn’t over complicated.

Over the years we have installed the various systems from a single room light system in a class room to 12 story multi office refurbishments with energy efficient lux dimming technology. Are you getting increase complaints about flickering lights causing mygranes or light levels to low so your staff’s eyesight is strained then a new lighting scheme is what you need and you will see a benefit with operations productivity and  a saving on your annual electricity bill. We will calculate the energy saving along with the saving so you can see the return from a LED lighting upgrade.

If you require a site survey free of charge or just want some advice please contact us and we will be more than happy to come and see you at your convenience.