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electricalsystems_installation_side1Fire Alarm Installation

Our installation team has been installing fire alarm systems across the northwest for more than 50Years, our high quality installations have been protecting lives and properties from the smallest primary schools to large manufacturing plants and stately home. We install a wide variety of products, ranging from simple, conventional system to the more complex open protocol addressable systems.

All our installation electricians have been given a full apprenticeship including specialist training to install and terminate Soft skin cable and also Mineral insulated cables. They also undertake training in FIA Basic Design and Installation modules so as to be fully skilled with the latest products and up to date on the latest developments within the regulations.

We can provide high quality fire alarm systems from inception to commissioning, annual servicing and maintenance.

Emergency Lighting Installation

Every member of our service, installation and design team has completed ICEL Emergency lighting course. Throughout our teams apprenticeship training they have installed emergency lighting systems from stand alone emergency lighting fittings to fully addressable / pre wired systems. Using a variety of installations methods. We have completed installations in a wide variety of properties, offering the client a fully compliant and practical system.