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Fire Alarm Designs

At Eric Charlesworth Ltd we aim to deliver a fire alarm that supports all your business requirements.

This is taken into consideration at design stage by our experienced team of designers. Fire alarm designs are conducted to BS5839-1-2017 standards. To ensure that all design are compliant, we have decided to conduct all fire alarm practices to BAFE Scheme SP203 module . We have designed system for a number of clients from complex networked addressable systems to small conventional systems. Our design team will attend site on request and conduct a free extensive survey to access possibilities for your requirements.

We can also provide design schemes for disabled refuge and Automatic Opening Vents

We can now provide design services for fire alarm integration on selected fire alarm systems. This is to make sure we don’t just leave any connection requirements out to different services that are controlled by the fire alarm, for example door access , lift isolation, plant shutdown.

Our experience and wealth of knowledge helps us achieve a quick solution to any fire alarm requirements. We have been committed to providing market leading service since 1947.

Procedure at design stage

  1. A fire risk assessment will need to be produced to enable the decision of a category of system. We can assist in this area if you require us to
  2. Once completed a decission of fire alarm system category can clearly be identified.
  3. we will attend site to conduct a free site survey
  4. we will send our drawings and proposals over to you for approval