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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are installed into buildings primarily to protect life and property. There are a number of different categories of system from L4 which is escape routes only to L1 which is all areas covered. In one building there may be two different categorise of system as there are 2 or more occupeints within the premises. The first step to selecting the correct fire alarm category is to perform a fire risk assessment. This determines all aspects and each room has a risk assessment conducted.

Eric Charlesworth Ltd have been a specialist in the design, installation, commission and maintenance for over 30 years. We regularly put engineers through CPD course to ensure we keep up to date with new products. All our work is externally audited by the BAFE scheme SP203 part 1 modular scheme

There are a number of different types of fire alarms to suit different buildings.

Conventional Fire Alarm system

This system is the most basic of the fire alarm systems and is primarily used for the smaller sites. his could include shops, community centres and small schools. A conventional fire alarm system is made up of radial circuits for sounders and zones with an end of line installed to monitore cable faults.

Addressable Fire Alarm system

An addressable fire alarm system is a more complex system. This system consists of the devices to be installed in a loop. The system can be built up from one loop to multiple loops across multiple panels once installed in a network. This system is a more diverse and complex solution, this can include  complex cause and effect to prevent false activations to phased evacuation. These systems are used for multi occupancy sites to universities, colleges, nursing homes, high schools and office blocks.

Radio Fire Alarm Systems

In some cases a radio fire alarm system is required. With increased reliability these systems are used for quick turn around jobs or when asbestos or environment becomes an issue or a quick installation is required.

Eric Charlesworth Ltd can also provide you with any disabled refuge, AOV or aspiration design, installation and commissioning requirements. For any further infomation please contact us for any site inspections, design or commissioning requirements.