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project_management_side1A Fire alarm system is installed throughout a building to provide a first line of defence in protecting the lives of those within. Installed professionally, fire alarm work in together as a complex network dedicated to detecting danger in the form of smoke and fire. But just as important as the alarms themselves is the manner in which they are installed. In order to ensure the utmost efficiency and safety measures, it is imperative that a competent design engineer complete a comprehensive fire alarm design.

We all know that a fire alarm is used to detect smoke or heat in the form of fire and alert us to the danger so that we may evacuate the property in enough time to secure our safety. A fire alarm design takes into account the layout of the building including number of levels, risk areas, and exits; and it also considers the level of complexity required for each particular building. An engineer will take all of these needs into consideration when completing a fire alarm design.

The engineer and fire alarm technicians will review the specifications on each property and determine where the detectors and sounders should go to maximize their efficiency and allow for the greatest safety assurances. A drawing will be completed of the property showing exits, proposed locations of sounders, call points and detectors, as well as any wiring or electrical needs that may result from this installation.

Of course, in the case of a larger public building, the engineer and fire alarm technicians will work together with our electricians who will install all the wiring and ensure that the installation complies with current British Standards. In many cases both in public and private buildings the fire alarm system can be connected to a fire alarm monitoring company who will monitor alarm activity for activations and faults on the system. This ensures that help is on the way as quickly as possible – maximizing the safety of all inside the building and the property it’s self.

When carried out correctly by our experienced designers, installers and technicians we can provide a fire alarm system which will ultimately safeguard a building and the people inside.